It Will Be Awesome if They Don’t Screw it Up: 3D Printing | Public Knowledge

That is why it is critical for today’s 3D printing community, tucked away in garages, hackerspaces, and labs, to keep a vigilant eye on these policy debates as they grow. There will be a time when impacted legacy industries demand some sort of DMCA for 3D printing. If the 3D printing community waits until that day to organize, it will be too late. Instead, the community must work to educate policy makers and the public about the benefits of widespread access. That way, when legacy industries portray 3D printing as a hobby for pirates and scofflaws, their claims will fall on ears too wise to destroy the new new thing.

I know there’s open source hardware, but what does the equivalent of open source objects look like?

GoDaddy: A glimpse of the Internet under SOPA – David Rusenko

The person on the other end seemed startled that I had actually answered. It was someone from GoDaddy’s abuse department, who informed me that they were “turning off” due to a complaint.

“WHAT?” I said frantically into the phone. He explained that they had received a complaint about the content of a site, and that they were removing the DNS entries for because of it. I asked him if they had contacted us previously — he responded that they hadn’t.

The site in question featured a bad review of a local business, and that business had complained. Why on earth would a domain registrar take it upon themselves to police content?

SOPA is definitely a bad idea if I’ve ever heard of one.