Couldn’t find ThemeForest on Google

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Today, Google failed me. It took a good 15 minutes googling around for a blog template theme community site.

And to no avail.

For certain keyword search topics, such as “iphone dev” and “blog templates”, it’s overrun with websites with no heart. As a human, as you look at site after site, you can tell that it’s just a site parked by someone that wants residual income, so they gather up a bunch of [photos/templates/articles] and just park them there with a lot of ads, hoping that the google juice will make them some money.

I’m not sure how I can tell as a human. I guess the mix of the name of the site (, bad design, lack of community, and the proliferation of ads is how I can tell.

In the end, I ended up looking on both quora and forrst for the same search terms, and got the answer much more easily.

When these community sites don’t open up to crawlers, they hurt the web. At the same time, I can see why. If web spammers figure out that the community sites are the source of google juice, they’ll start to create fake account there as well, and that destroys communities for everyone

I may have to go back to duckduckgo