Automaking Google+ circles is a bad idea

Katango’s ppl grouping algo is impressive. Why didn’t Google+ attempt to automatically suggest or put people in circles to begin with? Most people would rather start with that and trim it as needed than start from scratch.

Overheard on my facebook wall

Google+ already auto suggests. The order of friends that they show you when you’re adding your friends isn’t random. It’s ordered by high likelihood to be friends.

No, that’s a bad idea to put people in circles to begin with. You want to make it easier for people to pick, but you don’t want to make the final decision for the user of this nature, unless you can guarantee 100% satisfaction.

There’s a lot of subtle social cues that aren’t captured by our online interactions. Yes, you can infer alot, but not everything. I remember some users hating on facebook because they kept suggesting ex-bfs as friends to add. Imagine if you just auto added them.

That one time someone shares their swinger buttsex stories with their mom is one time too many.

And mainstream users don’t check their premade circles. They just use whatever default is, and suffer the consequences later.


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