The Greatest Generation suffer tea time withdrawal syndrome

Turning off mobile phones, avoiding the internet and tuning out of the
television and radio can leave people suffering from symptoms similar to
those seen in drug addicts trying to go cold turkey, researchers have found.

Girl on Facebook: Facebook stress may have triggered asthma attack

The volunteers who stayed away from all emails, text messages, Facebook and Twitter updates for 24 hours began to develop symptoms typically seen in smokers attempting to give up

Ha. Ridiculous. Every generation has their own “addiction”, but only points out the addiction of the next generation, because they don’t understand it.

It certainly wouldn’t make headlines if researchers showed that Baby Boomers are addicted to cars and allergic to walking 2 blocks. Or if Generation Xers are addicted to the latest vapid reality TV show. Or if “The Greatest Generation” (those that fought in WWII) were addicted to having people over for tea.

It’s just how people socialize. We’ve merely found a new way to socialize. It’s not better than the old ways. It’s merely different, and allows for new kinds of interactions.

People are social animals. Of course they’re going to suffer withdrawals when you take away their main way of socializing with other people. Pieces like this are ridiculous.


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