If you forked technomancy’s emacs-starter-kit, upgrade nXhtml

UGH.  I recently forked technomancy’s emacs-starter-kit, and all was well, until I started editing erb files.  After a while, it would stutter (hang and then go), eating up 94% cpu while editing erb files.  I didn’t know exactly what was causing it.  Emacs kept complaining about “MU new post-command chunk” in the *Message* buffer, and something about “not safe forward word”.  It took a whole night’s worth of digging to figure this out.  
Solution: make sure you upgrade to the latest version of nXhtml (2.05-091202), if you forked technomancy’s emacs-starter-kit commit 452c395556e0aac213b0d7d1653f2673554a4b73 or earlier.
Sometimes, I hate emacs.

Edit: looks like I spoke too soon.  It still didn’t fix the problem.  I’m removing nXhtml to find an erb replacement.  If that doesn’t work, I’m just going back to my own emacs config file.  At least there, I’ll know what I recently added that messed it all up.

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