Mobtropolis bruhaha: an interview

Chicago, unlike many homogenized cities in the US, has character. And Chicagoans are pretty proud of the uniqueness of their city, from the losing streak of their Cubs to how you should never put mustard on a hot dog. As far back as I can remember, Chicago TV stations would have shows that cover the various local unique flavors of Chicago and places you can visit.

Thatcher Kamin, producer at the local TV station, channel 26 WCIU does a show called the Chicago Insider. The show not only covers venues, but also local Chicago people doing different things, mostly artists, musicians, and the occasional business. Thatcher found me and wanted to do an interview about Mobtropolis, and as far as I know, I’m the only programmer on there.

Since the powers that be at the TV station don’t quite understand the web yet (through no fault of Thatcher), they didn’t provide an embeddable video, nor a link to the video itself. Thus, I’m forced to just provide you with instructions.

Simply visit, and click on “play” at the little flash thing up top.

It was an experience getting interviewed, and I can now understand why actors don’t like watching their own films. You notice all sorts of stuff you never knew about yourself before–like twitching your eyebrows. I can’t watch it more than once myself. There was a lot of stuff cut out, and I had no idea what was going to make it and what wasn’t. All in all, it was fun, but I can see I need to work on my elevator pitch much more. Well, if anything, I hope you’re entertained by the funky beats in the background, and give Mobtropolis a shot if you were amused by the interview.


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