Internet retailer connects with TextPayMe – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle):

Internet retailer connects with TextPayMe – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle):

This is a bit of interesting news to me. Originally, I was wondering where textpayme was going to get its traction. Amazon apparently is the answer. While mobile payments is an idea that’s not new, and is currently implemented in Japan and other Asian countries, it still doesn’t have much traction in the states.

I’m a bit amazed at what’s possible through the limited common cell phone interface. Mobile phones are gaining in power, and lots of people anticipate that something’s around the corner, but no one knows on which platform, and what’s going to be built on top of it. Others are more dismissive, saying that mobile phones are underpowered devices that have limited interface, and therefore not exciting to develop on, compared to the web and desktop.

I think they forget that many said the same about web applications when they first started in the 90’s. Web applications back then were clunky at best, and didn’t boast a responsiveness until two years ago, when google maps came out.

In addition, mobile devices aren’t just small desktops. They have characteristics that are unique to the platform. They are always on, considered personal devices, always on a person, always connected, has sensors on it, and knows its location. While mobile video and music currently offered by the carriers is nice, I don’t think it quite hits the spot yet. The mobile application that plays to the platform’s strengths will be the one that hits it.


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