Stream Copy YouTube, Revver, Etc.

For lots of times in the past, I was always annoyed that I couldn’t save content offline, and always had to view it online–especially when there’s no guarantee that the content will stay there. So, I was a little bemused, but not altogether surprised, that you can save streaming copies of videos using Ruby. The source code is fairly short…maybe 20 lines or so. And while I haven’t tried it out, I’ve actually been able to read it through, and it’s nice to be able to read the works for people far better than me, even if it’s just table scraps.

Well, if you want to try it out, the balloon is here. A balloon is a web page that has ruby embedded in it, so that you can run it in ruby. Just make sure you have ruby installed on your system, and follow the instructions on the balloon.


3 thoughts on “Stream Copy YouTube, Revver, Etc.

  1. Jason from Revver here.Just thought I’d mention that every video on the Revver network comes complete with a big download button, which gives you the video file in full, right on your desktop. We’ve tried to make it easy for you to get, keep, and give away video files, with no need for hacks or plugins.That is all.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. That’s good news. Now I’m compelled to check it out. The post was mostly about being surprised that you can do something like that with a couple of lines of code, so it makes you wonder what else you can achieve. It didn’t always use to be that way…Now if only photo sharing sites will allow people to download albums in full…

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