Spore Gameplay Video – Google Video

Spore Gameplay Video – Google Video

I was fascinated by the video of the new Will Wright game. He’s the same guy that created SimCity and The Sims. This looks like nothing but good ol’ sandbox type of fun, but on a ‘powers of ten’ scale. Often times, when I describe Will Wright’s games, most people ask, “What’s the point? What’s the goal?” The goal or point is whatever you make it to be.

At this point, some people that ask that question seemed stunned, since it seems to them that a lot of effort was put into something that was pointless. I imagine these are the same people that can’t handle open-ended problems.

Other people get it immediately. When you get to make your own goals, you have to rely on your own imagination, and you start to own the world. That actually make it much more fun, and something that you don’t tire of easily.


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