The names of things

In a number of fairy tales and old legends, the name of a fairy, a monster, or a god was pivotal to the story. ‘To know someone’s name is to control them’, it is said. I actually never gave it much thought growing up. How silly. What’s in a name? A Rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.

But when it comes to ideas and concepts, a name is pretty important. Naming a variable, class, or method correctly means that there’s some convention the reader of the code can go by to be able to infer how to use it. It’s a type of documentation.

So when it comes to finding names for things, I have a hard time. How are ‘agreements’ and ‘disputes’ related? Are agreements and disputes the same type of thing? If so, what is the name of that thing? Or are they not the same type, but merely the same thing in different states? An agreement is the alignment of opinion between two parties where a dispute is the disalignment of opinion between two parties?

How about the person that ‘seconds a motion’? What do you call that person? What do you call the person that brought up the motion in the first place?

When I think about it, public method signatures should be well designed, so that, like well designed tools, it should be obvious how to use it. However, ‘obvious’ comes with a background and context, and even culture.

According to wikipedia, A person that makes the motion is a mover. The person that seconds a motion could be called a supporter. And according to my lawyer and english major friends, agreements and disputes are apples and oranges, apparently. agreements and disagreements are more on the same type.


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