Internet pizza ordering should make sense like everything else

My roommates and I ordered pizza over the web yesterday, just to try it out. It was not as easy as calling yet. Besides not being able to find a couple links as to how to pick up instead of deliver, there were two things that struck out at me.

One, when selecting toppings, the interface was a pulldown menu. If this was in beta, I’d forgive it. But I don’t think they’re going to improve on it any time soon. What they should have used was an ajax “shopping cart” where you can drag and drop. But instead of “items and cart”, you’d call it “toppings and dough”.

That interface would make much more sense.

Second, there was no time estimate as to when the pizza would be done. Even if it said in hardcoded text, “about 45 minutes”, it would be better than nothing. But ideally, it would be able to communicate back and forth to the pizza place’s oven, to know approximately how much time is left in making the pizza.

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